We help talented people become even better.

Senior leaders often need a safe place where they can talk through challenges and options for overcoming them. We provide that safe place, whilst 'holding up a mirror' so an individual can understand the impact of their own behaviour on themselves and on others

Our coaching is:

Pragmatic (only undertaken when a specific need has been identified)

Challenging (in terms of objective setting and agreeing actions and habits to adopt)


“I unreservedly recommend Pam Westhead, of Westgrave Consulting, as a commercially astute business coach.  Pam has the knack of distilling the substance from the presenting issues and asking the questions that really count.  The questions asked, and discussions held, are based on sound thinking – coaching with Pam is not about wishful thinking, it is about a clear understanding of professional and personal target setting and analysis of what needs to happen to get there.  I personally leave every coaching session with Pam feeling more inspired, more informed and more capable than before the session"

Judy Nicholl, Chief Executive, Counties Power


“As part of my own professional development, Pam recently acted in the capacity of a corporate coach. Pam’s ability to work with clients to articulate learning objectives and goals through posing thought-provoking questions was impressive. My personalised coaching sessions were informal and comfortable while remaining goal focussed and action orientated. The combination of Pam’s warm approach, perceptive skills and commercial acumen were key to positively influencing my professional and personal growth."

Stephen Jakicevich, Human Resources Business Partner Vero Insurance NZ.



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